At Percolate we’re dedicated to improving visibility, collaboration and governance for marketers around the world. I’m excited to share that we’re taking a significant step on this journey with our latest quarterly product release.

In our mission to build The System of Record for Marketing, we are committed to not only release significant new capabilities to you every quarter, but also make it easier for our customers to adopt our newest features. This release is another sign of our commitment to rapidly improving Percolate to meet our customers’ needs, and we look forward to three more major launches this year.

This release brings some truly groundbreaking features to the Percolate platform in the areas of campaign management and analytics. Some highlights include:

Analytics 2.0: A Flexible System for Global Visibility

In this exciting update, we’re introducing new capabilities to provide deep insights into creative and campaign performance. The new Analytics in Percolate is built from the ground up for marketers including a complete redesign of our visualization tools. With our new report builder, you can unify performance data by product line, regions, brand pillars, content strategies, targeted audiences or other custom fields and taxonomies. You can create custom reports to answer ad hoc questions like:

  • What was the overall engagement across channels and regions?
  • How well did we perform this season vs. last season?
  • How effective were the regions executing my global campaigns?
  • Which content resonated well and should be repurposed in similar markets?
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