Christy MacLeod – Mar 25th, 2015

Today’s marketing teams are expected to be digitally savvy, analytically minded, process oriented, and creatively inclined. Achieving excellence across these talents is no easy task. More often than not marketing teams are so focused on trying to keep up with sales needs, campaign deadlines and industry changes that they feel like creativity has to be rushed or outsourced.

Two things happened yesterday that made me think about how marketing teams enable the creative process.

First, in a meeting yesterday with a creative director he said that when he initially heard about our software offering “centralization” and “governance” of marketing activities, he wanted to rebel against it. After walking him through how easy it is to find files, create content and craft messages in Percolate, his view completely changed: by the end of the conversation he saw how software can enable creativity.

It was a good reminder that we talk a lot about marketing operations (the science), but also need to be deeply respectful about the creative side of marketing (the art). The reason we’re building software is to remove the annoying, repetitive parts of marketing, to free up time that allows a marketer to be more thoughtful and creative. Repetitive tasks that keep the marketing engine running may be necessary, but they come with an opportunity cost because they often take up mental capacity and time for brainstorming. This made me start to think about the mental space that’s required for creativity.

Second, we hosted our third DesignTalk event last night at the Bowery Electric. The theme was “Spaces to Play” and our speakers, who came from a variety of design backgrounds, brought awesome ideas to share (if you haven’t made it to one of the DesignTalks, make sure you get to the next one!).

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