Percolate News

New Product Features for Social and Campaign Management

Today, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our very first quarterly product release.


3 Takeaways From Our First API Meetup

Constant questioning is one of the ten values that form the pillar of Percolate’s corporate culture.

Product Announcements

Helping Marketers Get More Done Faster

We, as marketers, are hard-pressed to get their work done as efficiently as possible.


The Marketer’s Common Sense Guide to Technology Acronyms

In March of 2013, I found myself at Adobe Summit for the fourth time in five years.


Virtual Reality: What Does Success Look Like?

Tech and media trend followers have been anticipating virtual reality consumer products for some time now.


Why Project Management Needs a Marketing Vocabulary

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.” – John M. Culkin
I love that quote.

Product Announcements

Better Content, Campaigns, and Customer Relationships in 2016

We’re all concerned about finding efficiencies everywhere we can. Budgets aren’t getting much bigger, yet the amount of creative, the number of channels you’re communicating on, and the revenue your team is responsible for are all booming.


Preparing for the Age of Marketing Technology

The world is in transition and we’re seeing wide-sweeping changes that promise to make the next few years a challenge for Marketing to overcome.

Engineering Best Practices

APIs and the Promise of ‘Everyware’

“Software is eating the world” — Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist
This summer will mark the five-year anniversary of Andreessen’s observation.

Product Management & Leadership

Transparency, Visibility, and Context

Over the last few weeks I’ve had three words floating around in my head: transparency, visibility, and context.