Part of our mission is to build a thoughtful technology company – one that does things differently and treats people, well, like people. Here, you can read about how we’re creating an employee-first environment that fosters ownership and opportunity across our teams.

How Percolate Began its Journey on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Percolate, we believe a diverse workforce encourages innovation, makes us a stronger community, and ultimately drives the success of the company. Read More

How We Created a Culture of Employee Growth

At Percolate, we believe that our people are one of our strongest assets. Read More

Introducing Framework Friday

Frameworks. They help us plan and prioritize.  They give us a visual roadmap for how messages and tactics fit together. Read More

4 Questions with Zach Haehn: Building the Optimal Engineering Team

In order to build a world class platform, you need a team of brilliant developers. Read More

Percolate’s 2019 Marketing Cheat Sheet

The end of the year invites reflection on the state of marketing and the state of the world. Read More

PercUp: Looking at the Future with Perry Hewitt

This week we have a special guest for our PercUp Spotlight. Meet Perry Hewitt, a digital marketing guru and all around brilliant lady. Read More

Doorway to Denver: Continuing Our Innovation & Expansion With New Office Opening

We’re excited to announce Percolate’s continued growth and expansion with our newest office officially opening today in Denver, Colorado. Read More

Being Just: Thoughts on Inclusivity

As an engineering executive, I feel a duty to be honest and open with my team about who I am and what I stand for.   Read More

Hack Day 2017: Taking a Day Off to Work

The office is abuzz.  The days following Hack Day at Percolate are always filled with conversations about presentations, teams, and the various projects that were worked on. Read More

How We Make Customers Part of Our Fabric

If you’ve watched business movies from the 80’s, you know that when a deal is won someone needs to hit that gong. Read More

What ‘Working Smarter’ Means to Me

There’s no hiding from it, I love my work. I love design thinking, design making, and design talking. Read More

Hack Day 2016: Tackling Challenges in Four Places at Once

Percolate has a tradition of having a hackathon around this time each year. Read More