Part of our mission is to build a thoughtful technology company – one that does things differently and treats people, well, like people. Here, you can read about how we’re creating an employee-first environment that fosters ownership and opportunity across our teams.

Doorway to Denver: Continuing Our Innovation & Expansion With New Office Opening

We’re excited to announce Percolate’s continued growth and expansion with our newest office officially opening today in Denver, Colorado. Read More

Being Just: Thoughts on Inclusivity

As an engineering executive, I feel a duty to be honest and open with my team about who I am and what I stand for.   Read More

Hack Day 2017: Taking a Day Off to Work

The office is abuzz.  The days following Hack Day at Percolate are always filled with conversations about presentations, teams, and the various projects that were worked on. Read More

How We Make Customers Part of Our Fabric

If you’ve watched business movies from the 80’s, you know that when a deal is won someone needs to hit that gong. Read More

What ‘Working Smarter’ Means to Me

There’s no hiding from it, I love my work. I love design thinking, design making, and design talking. Read More

Hack Day 2016: Tackling Challenges in Four Places at Once

Percolate has a tradition of having a hackathon around this time each year. Read More

The Five Ways I Spend My Time as a Product Manager

One of the most important skills for a product manager is time management. Read More

The Seven Qualities of World-Class SaaS Companies

For nearly ten years prior to joining the product team at Percolate, I was at Workday. Read More

On Grit and Commitment

There’s an adage, “Talent will out.” It suggests that achievement follows naturally from ability. Read More

Work Culture: The Inward Elements of a Brand

We’ve stated before that when we at Percolate use the word “brand,” we define it as the sum total of interactions an organization has with its community. Read More

Introducing Percolate’s First Summer Intern Class

This is the first year that the Percolate Product Team has welcomed interns for the summer. Read More

In Conversation with the Percolate Chefs: Thoughtfulness in Food and Work

From Percolate’s very beginning, we’ve made having quality, healthy, and tasty food a priority. Read More