Victor Gamez

Victor was formerly part of the editorial team at Percolate. He previously provided guidance to senior executives at Fortune 500 companies as a senior analyst at CEB. Victor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. Reach out to him on LinkedIn and Google+.

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Airbnb Data Scientists May Have Saved Marketing

It used to be that data was useful to only a few people in marketing: the decision-makers. Read More

Designing Brilliant Customer Experiences in the Sharing Economy

Earlier this month, Percolate teamed up with Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do and Extraordinary Experiences, to deliver a webinar, Beyond Branding: Designing Brilliant Customer Experiences. Read More

Why Content Marketing Will Move Martech Forward

Yesterday, Scott Brinker of released the 2016 edition of his now (in?)famous Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic, charting over 3,800 systems over 6 broad clusters of capabilities: It’s more than double the size of the 2015 landscape (featuring “only” 1,876 vendors, which itself is up from 150 in 2011). Read More

Preparing for the Age of Marketing Technology

The world is in transition and we’re seeing wide-sweeping changes that promise to make the next few years a challenge for Marketing to overcome. Read More

How to Implement a Zero-Based Marketing Budget Without Going Insane

When we last dived into budgets, we listed two common rules of thumb for determining your total marketing department budget: shooting for about 10% of your firm’s revenue, and adjusting last year’s budget by revenue growth. Read More

Customer Satisfaction Isn’t a Short-Term Play

There’s little disputing that customer satisfaction is critical to brand growth. In fact, when you look Interbrand’s top 10 list of brands that are consumer-facing and compare them with the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index’s benchmarks, nine of them beat the industry average, and they consistently come in at the top of their respective industries. Read More

Who Really Won Super Bowl 50?

“The ‘Beyonce featuring Coldplay’ performance aside, Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 was more than just a football game—and the show featured more performers than just the teams on the field. Read More

Why Content Creation Will Make or Break Brands in 2016

Marketers are increasingly becoming trapped between a rock and a hard place. If you want to get noticed on traditional channels, your audience is shrinking. Read More

The Cost of Creating Marketing [Infographic]

At the end of 2015, Percolate launched a research project to study non-working spend — essentially, the cost of creating media and marketing content, as opposed to the cost of distributing it on channels like TV or social. Read More

Calculating the Cost of Marketing

Let’s say I have $1,000 to advertise my new lemonade stand. I know I want some great photos branded with my logo along with some persuasive copy. Read More

Charting the Course for Marketing Skill Development

When I first watched Cool Runnings, I was amazed by a number of things. Read More

Marketing ROI: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Optimization?

The digital age has generally been kind to marketing and advertising. There’s next to no denying that our toolkit, newly bolstered by online channels and data analytics capabilities, has shifted Marketing closer to the forefront of the organization. Read More