Victor Gamez

Victor was formerly part of the editorial team at Percolate. He previously provided guidance to senior executives at Fortune 500 companies as a senior analyst at CEB. Victor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. Reach out to him on LinkedIn and Google+.


How to Manage a Product Launch with a Team of 7

New product or service launches are huge milestones for companies no matter how large they are.

Percolate News

Percolate Success is Now Just a Click Away

When Percolate launched in 2011, its main feature was the Brew, a curation engine that provides content recommendations from relevant audiences, influencers, and publications online — all to help social and content marketers decide what to write about.


Presenting: The Brand-New Transition Content Hub

The can’t-miss marketing event of the year is quickly approaching. As marketers, we sense that we’re in a period of pervasive change — we’re caught in the center of intersecting shifts taking place in technology, the economy, media, and marketing itself.


How The Rockettes Run a Yearlong Content Machine

The need for content never stops. That can be an especially big challenge when your business is more high-profile during certain times of year.


Helping Marketers Get More Done Faster

We, as marketers, are hard-pressed to get their work done as efficiently as possible.


The Neuroscience Behind Memorable Content

Content marketing is always focused on leaving an impression, no matter the audience — prospective customers, industry analysts, the press.

Big Ideas

Virtual Reality: What Does Success Look Like?

Tech and media trend followers have been anticipating virtual reality consumer products for some time now.


Modern Marketing Readiness and the Need for Transparency

Global businesses have been feeling the crunch of a world economy that simply isn’t growing as fast as it used to.


Three Ways Human Attention is Transforming

Grabbing attention is one of, if not the foundational challenge marketers are tasked with solving.


The Brand Management MegaPost

A brand is a complex concept.
“Brand” doesn’t refer to just a logo, product line, or a series of advertisements.