Noah Brier

Noah is the co-founder of Percolate. Before that he spent his career in and around the advertising industry. He has been recognized as one of the 50 most creative people in business by Fast Company and sits on the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Social Media. He lives in Brooklyn and occasionally blogs at Follow him on Twitter and Google+.


Why Project Management Needs a Marketing Vocabulary

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.” – John M. Culkin
I love that quote.


Funded IV

We like to count in days at Percolate. On one hand, it helps keep perspective on just how young the company is, and on the other, it helps remind people that their daily contribution has a meaningful impact on the business.

Enterprise Marketing Management

Solving the Impossible: Systematizing Brand Management – Part 2

Looking at Brand Management as a system isn’t a simple idea, so we’ve broken it up.

Enterprise Marketing Management

Facing the Impossible: Systematizing Brand Management – Part 1

Late last week James wrote a post called Moving from Installation to Deployment, where he laid out a framework for thinking how technology moves throughout history and where our modern age fits into the puzzle.

Client Summit

A Summit of Clients

A few weeks ago we did an internal offsite to talk about our plans for 2015.


Strategy as Algorithm

Note from Noah: I’ve been trying to blog more recently and posted this over on my personal blog.


Percolate + SocialCode = Social Advertising Leadership

At the end of last year James put together a list of seven trends to watch in media/marketing.


The 6 Meeting Rules of Percolate

On Sunday morning I ran across this New Yorker article about banning computers in college classes and posted it with a note about how we don’t allow computers in meetings at Percolate.


Why We Named Our Conference Transition

When my co-founder James and I first started our company, we knew we would name the core product Percolate.

Best Practice

First Principles: How to Think like Elon Musk

I recently ran across a quote from an interview between Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Kevin Rose.