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Laura is the content strategist at Percolate.

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Why Busting Martech Silos is Worth the Effort

If you’ve been to a conference or read an industry pub in the last few years, you know what you’re supposed to do with silos: break them like a bad habit. Read More

What Do APIs Really Mean for Marketers, Anyway?

You’ve probably heard a lot about APIs. You’ve seen APIs mentioned on feature lists for software, on tech tracks at conferences, in specifications for integrations. Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting the Martech Stack You Want

You don’t need us to tell you martech is complicated; you already know (besides, we already wrote a book about it). Read More

How Rules Empower Creativity

In the last decade or so, content marketing has gone from the shiny new trend to a well-established mainstay of marketing strategy. Read More

How (and Why) to Map Your Marketing Technology Stack

Do you have a map of your martech stack? If you’re concerned about ROI and performance, you probably should. Read More

Can Martech Move Us Toward Zero-Waste Content Marketing?

A few years back, Sirius Decisions found that roughly 60-70% of B2B marketing content is never actually used. Read More

Content Marketing for Financial Services: Setting Up for Success

The financial industry is a uniquely challenging one for marketers. With the possible exception of health care, no other industry is as heavily regulated in what it can say to its customers, what offers it can make to them, and how it can use their information.  At the same time, the space has never been more competitive. Read More

Tackling ABM Content Creation, Without Busting the Budget

Deciding to pursue an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy is easy. Actually producing all that specifically-tailored, highly targeted content? Read More

How to Scale (Quality) Content Production

No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re in marketing, you’re probably under pressure to produce more content. Read More

Pinpoint Your Content Issue with Our Handy Chart

Back in the old days (back when a phone was a thing you used to make voice calls, back when watching TV shows on demand meant recording them on your VCR, back when a “gig” was something your musician cousin lined up), the limiting factor in marketing was how to get in front of your audience. Read More

Creating More Content, Without More Resources

“Content is king” may be a well-worn trope by now, but it’s repeated so often because it’s still true. Read More

The Secret to CX Success? Orchestration.

Last year, 68% of marketing leaders told Salesforce they’re “increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience.” If anything, that number has probably only gone up since – meaning that for most marketers, customer experience (CX) is integral to their strategy. Read More