Kim Solow

Kim is part of the Marketing and Growth team at Percolate. She was previously a Project Manager at Gardner Nelson and Partners and worked in the Creative Marketing department at Ralph Lauren. Kim graduated from Duke University in 2012. Follow her on Google+.

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Better Content, Campaigns, and Customer Relationships in 2016

We’re all concerned about finding efficiencies everywhere we can. Budgets aren’t getting much bigger, yet the amount of creative, the number of channels you’re communicating on, and the revenue your team is responsible for are all booming. Read More

Three Ways to Maximize the Success of Enterprise Software

As business teams deploy new software, whether it’s a CRM, DAM or analytics product, the technology stack grows and become more complex, making user-level adoption across all platforms more difficult. Read More

Seeing is Believing: How Visual Content Has Taken Over

Whether or not we like to admit it, we all make judgements based on appearances. Read More

Build the Chart, Tell the Story: Percolate’s New Analytics Toolkit

Analytics tell a story. They reveal insights about a campaign’s performance and help brands understand the arc of their marketing efforts and where they can improve going forward. Read More

Stop Guessing — These Are the Apps Teens Really Use in 2014

Teens are the next generation of independent decision makers and, as fast adopters of technology, their networks set the model for the future of social networking and lead the pack for the up and coming popular devices and platforms. Read More

Client Solutions: The Team That Bridges Business and Product

As a technology startup, we aim to build great products for marketers and we’re proud of the design and engineering teams that release those products. Read More

The Internet in 2025: Where To Next?

In March, the Pew Research Center released a research report analyzing the future of the internet, the web and other digital assets. Read More

Can You Pull Off Real-Time Without a Mission Control Center?

Real-time marketing presents a great opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers in an innovative way, but, without technology, it is difficult for teams to be ready for a real-time triggering event. Read More