Justin Koufopoulos

Justin was part of the Growth team at Percolate. He has worked on marketing and growth for some of the most recognizable organizations in the world, including PepsiCo, the Fulbright Commission, and the US Army. A Fulbright Scholar and US-Embassy funded social entrepreneur, Justin co-founded and leads the largest international movement of Fulbright Scholars addressing social mobility, Fulbright 1:1. Follow him on Google+.

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The Seven Most Important Psychology Studies for Marketers

We like to think of ourselves as highly rational beings, capable of sound judgement even under duress. Read More

10 Questions to Ask When Approaching Data Journalism

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What We Found When We Analyzed the Top 1,000 Posts On LinkedIn

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Inside a Real-Time Marketing Campaign

Doing real-time marketing well at a live event is hard. Take the Oscars. Read More

Introducing the 2015 State of Marketing Workflows and Measurement Study

The global rise of smartphones, the explosion in new marketing channels, and the Internet of Things – these dynamic shifts will increase the challenges marketers face around campaign measurement and collaboration by an order of magnitude. Read More

Real-Time Marketing – Is it Over?

We’re two years removed from Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Super Bowl tweet, a watershed  moment for marketing when the concept real-time marketing (RTM) burst onto the scene as the “in” thing for brands to do. Read More

9 Examples of the Internet of Things That Aren’t Nest

It’s a pretty amazing time to be a marketer. Every physical thing from packing labels to ingestible pills can be connected to the Internet. Read More

Social Accounting: Benchmarking the Top 1,000 Financial Services Brands on Facebook

At Percolate, we think a lot about how data is transforming marketing. From driving insights into consumer behavior to benchmarking campaigns, marketers are under increasing pressure to educate themselves on how to make use of the enormous amounts of data available to them. Read More

Is Always-On Marketing Already Over?

In the advertising world, many would point to the night of February 3rd, 2013 as the moment real-time marketing crossed over from marketing tactic to marketing buzzword. Read More

How B2B Brands Are Taking Content Marketing to New Heights

What does an alternative rock band, a sushi party, and a boy who communicates with solar panels all have in common? Read More

Defining the Modern CMO

What are the characteristics that define the modern CMO? At Percolate, we think a lot about how new technology and the growing access to the Internet is changing the role of the marketer. Read More

How Much Does Marketing Really Cost? [Infographic]

Across both B2B and B2C, the largest challenge digital marketers face is reaching their audiences with relevant content. Read More