Jillian Richardson

Jillian is a freelance writer and comedian. She has been published in The Content Strategist, Quartz, The Freelancer, Salon, Marie Claire, PBS Mediashift, The New York Observer, and more. Follow her on Twitter @thatJillian and check out her writing portfolio at https://jillianrichardson.contently.com/. Want to get in touch? Email her at thatJillian@gmail.com.


5 Memorable Moments From Day 2 of Transition

DJ Herbert Holler, along with a few cups of coffee, made for an energetic start to Day Two at Transition.


6 Things We Want You To Remember from Day One of Transition

Early Tuesday morning, more than a thousand marketers from around the world arrived at Lincoln Center for a day of keynotes and workshops on everything from building brand and creating content to launching satellites, genetic engineering, and the future of the media.


How to Make the Most of Transition

Transition has 37 speakers, 11 workshops, and 1,320 minutes of action over two days.