Jillian Richardson

Jillian is a freelance writer and comedian. She has been published in The Content Strategist, Quartz, The Freelancer, Salon, Marie Claire, PBS Mediashift, The New York Observer, and more. Follow her on Twitter @thatJillian and check out her writing portfolio at https://jillianrichardson.contently.com/. Want to get in touch? Email her at thatJillian@gmail.com.


5 Memorable Moments From Day 2 of Transition

DJ Herbert Holler, along with a few cups of coffee, made for an energetic start to Day Two at Transition.


6 Things We Want You To Remember from Day One of Transition

Early Tuesday morning, more than a thousand marketers from around the world arrived at Lincoln Center for a day of keynotes and workshops on everything from building brand and creating content to launching satellites, genetic engineering, and the future of the media.

Marketing & Communications

How to Make the Most of Transition

Transition has 37 speakers, 11 workshops, and 1,320 minutes of action over two days.