Jason Shen

Jason was part of the Integrated Marketing team at Percolate. He previously lead growth and marketing efforts as the cofounder of a venture-backed transportation company called Ridejoy. Jason also served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Smithsonian and was team captain of a national championship gymnastics team at Stanford. Jason's personal blog is The Art of Ass-Kicking and you can follow him on Google+.

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Introducing the 2014 Marketing Executive Insights Study

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Three Things High Performing Marketers Do Differently

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How GE, Chobani, and Blue Bottle Are Powered by a System of Record

We recently introduced our new brand film, which showcased how Percolate serves as a system of record for marketing for a global organization. Read More

An Inside Look at Percolate’s Marketing Team

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How Clubs Foster a Stronger Culture at Percolate

Each year, Crain’s publishes a list of the “Best Places to Work” in New York City. Read More

From New York to Shanghai: a Marketer’s Observations on the Modern Chinese Consumer

I recently had a chance to spend six days in China, visiting the megacity of Shanghai as well as my hometown Suzhou, which, while smaller, still contains as many people as Los Angeles (~5M). Read More

Technology Will Make this Quarter the Biggest Ever for E-Commerce Sales

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Before Embarking on a Blog Redesign, Ask These Four Questions

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Why the Best Marketers Train Like Pro Athletes

I was looking around Percolate’s marketing team the other day and realized that many of my teammates have serious athletic experience. Read More

11 Charts That Reveal How E-Commerce is Shifting in 2014

Retailers have always understood the power of brand and the importance of distribution. Read More