James Gross

James is co-founder of Percolate. James also enjoys running and wants to build the world's greatest technology company and surf team. Find him on Twitter and Google+.

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2014: The New Marketer

The below presentation, The Content Marketing Revolution, kicked off our event at Social Media Week, a track of programming that was developed to explain how social and mobile have forever changed content marketing. Read More

The 3rd Phase of Marketing Technology

When I started my career in digital marketing 10 years ago we were living through the first phase of marketing technology. Read More

Publishers as Platforms

Jonathan Glick wrote a thoughtful piece on re/code entitled, The Rise of the Platishers. Read More

7 Trends We Are Watching

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published by our friends at Digiday. We also followed up on James’s predictions one year later. Read More

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!

Thank you to our clients, partners, family and friends for an awesome 2013. Read More

Percolate’s 1st Annual Customer Summit

On November 13, we will have our first Customer Summit with a preview of a series of major developments for our company. Read More

Focus on the Frame

It is the framework itself that changes with new technology, and not just the picture within the frame. Read More

From Community Manager to CMO

We have a saying at Percolate about our aspirations for our customers: We want to make the CM the CMO We want to make the CMO the CEO So how do we accomplish this? Read More


On Saturday, a handful of Percolators readied their bikes and prepared to pedal either 30, 73, 108 or 155 miles towards the tip of Long Island where sand, sun and pie awaited everyone in Montauk. Read More

Percolate during Internet Week

Today, I took the stage at Internet Week NY to talk about Brands in a Social World. Read More

Our Commitment to Culture and Clients

As part of building a strong and transparent culture, one thing we like to do a lot is take questions from everyone at the company. Read More

Create Incredible Images at the Speed of Social

Every day 300 million photos are shared on Facebook, another 40 million on Instagram, and, while Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest don’t report daily photos shares, we believe it’s safe to say nearly 500 million photos are shared daily across just these five social platforms. Read More