Dom Goodrum

Dom is VP of Design at Percolate. Before this he led the creation of digital services and advertising in London and New York. In 2013 he was recognized by Business Insider as one of the top 75 Designers in Technology.


How We Make Customers Part of Our Fabric

If you’ve watched business movies from the 80’s, you know that when a deal is won someone needs to hit that gong.

Workplace Philosophy

What ‘Working Smarter’ Means to Me

There’s no hiding from it, I love my work. I love design thinking, design making, and design talking.


How Designers Learn Business

Designer Joshua Taylor recently wrote this piece on ‘Why designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.’ It gets at what I believe is the biggest responsibility of designers today — understanding the business of our customers to increase the impact design has.


Making Design Bets to Knock the Blurs into Shape

This article was originally published on the First Round Review.
I have a confession.


Why You Turn Up

Recruiters, candidates, peers, friends, family, strangers, even the receptionist at my dog’s vet often ask me, “Why Percolate?” I wrote this for them:
You turn up because of the people around you.


DesignTalk Videos – Spaces to Play

Recently we held our third DesignTalk event at the Bowery Electric. Throughout the evening we enjoyed a range of European, Canadian and New Jersey accents from our speakers.


DesignTalk Videos – Learning to Hurdle

In April we hosted our first DesignTalk event. Powered by the entertaining rhythm of the PechaKucha 20×20 format our speakers shared stories about their Partners in Crime.


Thoughts on Building a Design Driven Company

A few weeks ago, I went along to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Design Conference. 


An Open Letter to Art Directors

This post is an open letter to Art Directors working at advertising agencies.


Doing market research to determine your product’s job

During the holiday I was catching up on some reading and picked up an article Noah shared that laid out a market research approach from HBS professor Clay Christensen.