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Christy is part of the Integrated Marketing team at Percolate. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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The Brand Management Required Reading List

We define brand a couple different ways. We talk about brand as a promise, as the sum of all interactions, and as an expression of an organization’s mission and values. Read More

The Next Wave of Marketing Technology

Today, Percolate is in its 1,572nd day. In those four years, three months, and 21 days, we’ve built a company on what we think is the best team, product and vision for the future of marketing technology. Read More

The Structure and Measurement of Innovation

How do the best companies grow? They innovate, then build market share and memory structures to reinforce it. Read More

Making Room for Creativity in Your Marketing

Today’s marketing teams are expected to be digitally savvy, analytically minded, process oriented, and creatively inclined. Read More

How Marketing Leaders are Managing Brands in the Information Age

Marketing has changed more in the last 15 years than it did in the 50 years before that. Read More

In Conversation with the Speakers of DesignTalk: Spaces to Play

On Tuesday March 24th, we’re hosting our third Percolate Design event – DesignTalk: Spaces to Play at the Bowery Electric. Read More

Percolate DesignTalk Presents: Spaces to Play

In April 2014, we hosted our first DesignTalk event. Speakers from Squarespace, Artsy, Pattern Pulp, Of a Kind, Percolate and Ghostly International shared stories about their Partners in Crime; the people, tools, and practices that have helped them turn their visions to reality. Read More

Hack Day 2015: How We Scale Culture and Internal Tools

Yesterday we held our semi-annual hack day (re: internal hackathon). If the day made one thing clear, it’s that a collaborative, innovation-driven culture is very, very important to us. Read More

Four Essential Tactics for Digital Video Advertising

Today, half of people watching TV are also on laptops, tablets, or smartphones at the same time. Read More

The 12 Best Moments of Client Summit 2015

Last Thursday we hosted our Second Client Summit at the TimesCenter in New York City. Read More

Free, High Quality, and Beautiful: 80 Sources for Marketing Images

Here at Percolate we really believe in the power of visuals to make brand communications more effective. Read More

Massively Mobile: Why Brands Should Be Paying Attention to India

Last week we published the Global Marketer’s Guide to Brazil, this week India has the spotlight. Read More