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VP, Marketing

VP of Marketing at Percolate. Always happy to continue the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn, or at mypersonal blog.

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The Conference for Global-Minded Marketers Debuts in London

Marketing has long been a global discipline. But today, the pace of social and technological change gives every brand the benefits (and challenges) of global access and exposure. Read More

Media Alert: Percolate Announces Transition NY Lineup; GE’s Beth Comstock to Keynote

Leading Brands, Marketers and Influencers Will Chart Path to Digital Transformation September 28, 2017 at Spring Studios WHAT IS TRANSITION? Read More

The Marketing Conference to Fuel Your Digital Transformation

As marketers, we hear firsthand from our peers about the toughest questions they’re grappling with, and there’s one that emerges across the board —  how do we face the future head-on, and invest in the right digital capabilities today in order to succeed tomorrow? Read More

The System Content Marketing Needs

Content is the atomic unit of brand communications – it’s how you connect with customers, build purchase consideration, and tell the narrative that drives revenue growth. Read More

We’re with Snapchat: Announcing a New Partnership

Today, brands are meeting consumers on their own terms. And that’s usually on mobile, where consumers — especially younger ones — share everyday moments with each other as they happen. Read More

How to Create Effective Customer Journey Maps

Today, two-thirds of the touch points a consumer has with a brand during product evaluation are customer-initiated. Read More

The 11 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the atomic unit of marketing — the currency of how to get attention (when done well). Read More

3 Reasons You’ll Never Measure Marketing ROI Correctly (and That’s Perfectly Ok)

Today, our business is everywhere — on mobile, across social media and messaging apps, and even exposed to new mediums like connected devices and virtual reality (VR). Read More

Can Marketing Calendar Software Actually Replace Excel?

Great brands are born through vision, thoughtful planning, and inspired, consistent execution. If retail or sales is your corporate lifeblood today, marketing is the circulatory system delivering you tomorrow’s better future. Read More

The 12 Marketing Events in 2016 that Will Define Our Industry’s Future

In 2015, I attended nine marketing conferences, spoke at three, and coordinated evaluations, campaigns, and sponsorships for more than a dozen other industry events. Read More

A Brief History of How We Communicate on the Internet

The Internet has profoundly changed how we communicate. But what often goes overlooked is how profoundly communication has changed the Internet, and so directed the flow of venture capital that has funded its biggest milestones. Read More

The Impossible Definition of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a discipline of dueling identities. As a society we create more content than we’ll ever be able to consume, while marketers can’t seem to produce enough of it — or at least enough that’s timely, compelling, cost-effective, and, most important of all, true to its recipients. Read More