Anisa Aull

Anisa is part of the Marketing team at Percolate. Follow her on Twitter.


Why Omnichannel is More than a Marketing Buzzword

Picture $5 million. That’s the amount that one global financial services brand estimates they waste in a year as a result of poor planning processes.


Why Customer Experience Goes Way Beyond Social

Marketers have long defined brands in terms of experiences. Here at Percolate we like to think of brand as the sum of all the interactions a person has with your company, its content, its products, and its people.


How Shinola Uses Community to Take Their Brand Global

In five short years, Shinola has emerged as the modern luxury brand to beat.

Big Ideas

How Land O’Lakes is Investing in the Marketing Tech Stack of the Future

Few brands can claim to be as iconic and beloved as Land O’Lakes – and even fewer can claim to have held this position nearly 100 years.


How to Plan a Global Rebrand (And Stay Iconic)

There’s a reason Budweiser can change its cans to just read “America,” and Snickers can replace its name on candy wrappers with words like “confused” and “benched” without sacrificing brand equity.


The Marketer’s Guide to Mastering SXSW 2017

For marketers, March means one thing: SXSW Interactive – a meeting of minds for brand builders, creators, and innovators.


How to Master Global-to-Local Marketing

“I want to have one billion individual relationships,” says Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed, describing the mandate he set for his global team at Unilever.


6 Marketing Habits to Break in 2017

Your brand’s success is closely linked to the habits of the people behind it — your marketing team.


7 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Content Marketer

Successful marketers have a knack for transforming media trends into engaging branded content.


10 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2017

There’s no doubt that social media has fundamentally changed the way we do marketing.