The way that we work may be changing, but the need to effectively orchestrate marketing activities remains the same.  

Percolate, a Seismic company, remains committed to delivering new and improved ways to support enterprise marketing teams looking to planbuild, and tell a compelling story, as well as obtain the insights they need to know what campaigns and content are working (or not), and take appropriate action. 

With that said, we are excited to announce our latest product release, which is live to all customers today! These enhancements and additions are based on customer feedback and focus on a variety of areas pivotal to supporting marketers in how they work. 

Read on to learn more about the features and improvements contained within today’s update.  

What’s new with Percolate: 

Find what you need in Percolate, faster 

It’s easier than ever to find the stuff you’re working on in Percolate, with new UI enhancements to Global Search

When performing a search, a pop up now appears front and center, displaying top related search results grouped by type. This enables you to easily identify what you need, based on if it is a Campaign, Content, or Asset. Additionally, it is now possible to quickly identify and connect to Recently Viewed active projects. 

Interact with metadata more contextually 

The way that teams interact with standardized prompts while planning and developing Content just got more efficient, with the introduction of platform-specific metadata

Platform-specific metadata enables marketing teams to better control the number and types of fields that creators see when planning and producing Content in Percolate, displaying only fields relevant to the platform being published to. 

For example, it is now possible to prevent creators from seeing metadata fields related to social media, if they are working on an email, which has little relevance to social media. 

Better control content publishing 

There are times when a piece of content published through Percolate can’t be updated any further or has outlived its purpose. When that happens, you can leverage the new Unpublish status type. 

The Unpublish status type effectively indicates when a piece of content is no longer available to the public. However, creators may still access the content within Percolate for record keeping purposes or continued updates and production, and eventually republish the content. 

Access Percolate, from anywhere 

The Percolate mobile app for iOS has been completely redesigned to deliver a better way to collaborate with your teams to review and approve Campaigns and Content. 

When you first open the app, you’ll see all the latest activity from your team(s), including user activity, recent notifications, and comments. From there, you can easily review scheduled Campaigns and Content from the corresponding calendars, and review and approve work in progress.  

We’ve also doubled down on security, enabling Touch ID / Face ID / Passcode locking to ensure that only the right people have access to your Percolate environment. 

Extend functionality, with powerful integrations 

Two new integrations extending the functionality of Percolate are now available, in the form of content activation with Seismic, and budget management with Allocadia

Seismic integration 

Seismic unites your marketing and sales teams in delivering the most compelling stories throughout your buyers’ journeys. 

The integration enables marketers to take content created in Percolate and publish it to Seismic, leveraging custom data mapping to automatically help sellers curate, activate, discover, and engage buyers with the most relevant content for them. 

Allocadia integration 

The Allocadia integration for Percolate provides a way for teams to connect budgeting activities to marketing efforts, and obtain new visibility into campaign performance, content optimization, and cross-channel ROI.  

As financial information is created and adjusted in Allocadia, it syncs with campaign information in Percolate, leveraging mapped metadata to ensure consistent visibility into measurement and reporting. 

What’s next? 

If you are a current Percolate customer, you can log into Percolate and explore coverage in the Success Center. There you will find supporting documentation on each of the features and functionality launched in this release. 

If you are not yet a Percolate customer and want to become more familiar with us, we encourage you to take a video tour of our marketing orchestration platform.  
In this tour, we’ll show you how we’ve been helping enterprise marketing organizations plan, develop, and deliver campaigns and content that are on-brand, on-time, and tell a consistent and engaging story.