Percolate empowers marketers with the tools to better orchestrate their activities and create content that will effectively connect with audiences. But — as a Percolate user — how do you go about learning the platform and its capabilities in a fashion that will set you up for success?

We are excited to announce a new way to help our users accomplish their goals and become better marketers, with the arrival of Percolate Academy.

Percolate Academy is a new on-demand, guided training platform where you can learn best practices and processes around how to effectively configure, manage, and use the Percolate platform.

Who is Percolate Academy for? 

Percolate Academy is now available to anyone with a Percolate account! 

It offers learning paths and courses geared for new users, experienced folks, and everyone in between. Whether you’re just getting started with Percolate, or a power user looking to add to your skillset, Percolate Academy has training for you.

What can I find there? 

Percolate Academy has a wide variety of course content available at launch, with more courses and updates being added regularly. 

If you’re looking for a good place to start, we highly recommend Percolate Foundations. This course will give you the “grand tour of Percolate,” exploring the most important parts of the platform at a high-level, discussing common use cases and benefits, and sharing best practices for setting yourself up to work more effectively.

Beyond that, you will find on-demand Best Practice Webinars and Instant Percs that quickly orient you to different parts of Percolate while showing you how you can get the most out of the platform.

Percolate admins will definitely want to check out the Administrator Essentials course.  This course continues where Percolate Foundations left off, introducing new Percolate Admins to the value and purpose of their role, and best practices for inspiring adoption and use of the platform. It also delivers a starting playbook for routine configuration and maintenance tasks.

Admins looking to go beyond the essentials will find our Deep Dives courses useful.  These courses cover everything from the configuration and management of users, roles, and teams, to the configuration and use of the Marketing Calendar, Metadata, Platforms & Channels, and more.

How Training Works

In Percolate Academy, courses can be started and completed at your own pace. Each course consists of several engaging, interactive lessons focused on high-level concepts, exploring common use cases, tutorials, and best practices.

And the best part? Courses are designed to take roughly 30 minutes or less to complete, making it much easier to fit training into your schedule.

How do I access Percolate Academy? 

To access Percolate Academy, click on the in-app Guide Center link, or the corresponding tile on the Percolate Success Center homepage.

We’re passionate about helping marketers better orchestrate the way they work, using Percolate. Percolate Academy is the first step of many that we hope will help improve the way you learn how to accomplish that goal. 

With that said, we’re actively developing new courses and content, and we value your feedback

At the end of each course you’ll find a short, three question survey where you can share your feedback. If you loved each course, found that it wasn’t quite what you expected, or anything in-between, let us know! We’ll take your feedback and use it to develop and improve our education offerings.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about Percolate Academy. Happy learning!