In our increasingly interconnected world, it would seem reasonable that the software systems we work in would be connected as well. However, it often feels as though we bounce between disparate systems, manually moving data and hunting for information. We spend inordinate amounts of time going between information silos, time that could be spent doing work.

What if you could have the exact information you needed at the exact moment you needed it? We can’t grant the ability to be omniscient (sorry) but at Percolate, we’ve spent a year building products to support martech integrations that work the way you need them to. Our goal is to allow marketers to integrate their martech tech stack with Percolate with ease. With Percolate at the center of an integrated, orchestrated ecosystem, marketers can send and receive the information they need from numerous different systems in order to do their work. 

It’s not enough to build an integration – it should be intelligent. An integration should have the ability to be flexible without being difficult or confusing to use. An intelligent integration raises the bar higher, and surfaces the right information at the right time. The phrase “intelligent software integration” make evoke thoughts of an expensive, arduous development project, but it doesn’t have to be.

For teams with access to technical resources such as software developers, we’ve built the Percolate Developer Platform. The Developer Platform is built for both robust custom integrations and out-of-the box Percolate integrations to systems such as Seismic and Allocadia. It gives marketers the ability to iframe other applications into Percolate and provides the engine to run multiple software integrations simultaneously, as well as access to webhooks and SDKs. 

We know not every team has access to software developers who can build custom integrations, or the budget for it. For these teams without technical resources, we’ve built Percolate Relay. Powered by Workato, Relay allows users to build codeless integrations and automations. The dedicated Percolate connector integrates with Percolate campaigns, content, assets, and tasks, as well as hundreds of other platforms.

Relay uses triggers and actions to move data into, out of, and within Percolate programmatically. Relay takes the guesswork out of knowing where in-flight content is within the production cycle, or the manual nature of creating placeholder content for a marketing campaign. Relay harnesses the Percolate API and repackages it to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills. Building an integration or automation in Relay is as simple as dragging and dropping the actions into place.

A marketer trying to track the budget of a marketing campaign can view that information without navigating to another system. A marketer wanting to push finished collateral to another system can now publish it from Percolate with one click. A marketer trying to gather information from multiple teams and functions can ingest that information into Percolate with no manual effort.

By giving a layperson the ability to create intelligent integrations single-handedly, any marketer now can have the ability to do their work in the most efficient, bespoke way possible.