At Percolate, we believe a diverse workforce encourages innovation, makes us a stronger community, and ultimately drives the success of the company. To this end, Percolate is committed to attracting, retaining, and advancing a diverse employee community in order to foster diversity of thought and achieve successful business results. Some of the most important initiatives we’ve developed within our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) strategy are centered around tracking and evaluating relevant metrics, standardizing our hiring process, and bringing awareness to DE&I topics by creating dialogue within the company.

Identifying diversity-centered growth areas around our current workforce has allowed us to be more thoughtful and intentional about diversity and inclusion from the start. When we embarked on this journey of making Percolate a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it was important for us to first understand and identify which groups are underrepresented or under-included within the organization. This entailed a close collaboration between the Talent Acquisition and HR teams, while obtaining buy-in from our executives. Team members pulled a ton of data around employee demographics, and looked at company function, level (early, mid-career, senior level), and the corresponding backgrounds and experiences available to us through our various HR software tools.

On the hiring side, focusing on process and setting goals that focus on changing hiring infrastructure was the next step towards approaching our diversity challenges (certainly before setting goals and worrying about attaining a certain number of ‘types’ of hires). Our Talent Team trains its members, hiring managers, and interviewers on competency-based interviews to decrease potential bias and focus on intrinsic capabilities instead of skills that can be learned on the job. All interviewers and recently hired managers are required to complete an ‘Interview & Unconscious Bias Training’ prior to partaking in any interview panel. In addition to these operational changes, the Talent Team assesses areas like applicant funnels and interview conversion rates, and consistently posts our open positions to relevant job boards in order to diversify the applicant pool and pipeline. 

Crafting specific hiring goals, and spearheading relevant initiatives and programs are also important in keeping the conversation going. Some of our current programs, for instance, include biannual external diversity networking events hosted by our Talent Team as well as internal company initiatives and events for Black History month, International Women’s Day, Pride Month, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

We are proud to have made strides in improving our demographics in the last few years, specifically around diversity in leadership ranks and our technical teams. However, we acknowledge that companies do not change overnight and creating a truly representative organization takes time. And so, while we embrace and celebrate these small wins, there is still much more work ahead on the DE&I front. 

As we continue to grow and scale, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace will remain a top priority at Percolate. Our intent is to continue to set meaningful diversity goals in the years to come. 

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