It’s no secret that we at Percolate are marketing nerds. And if there’s one thing we love more than marketing in action, it’s stats about marketing in action. It should be no surprise, then, that our just-released Q3 2019 Marketing Orchestration Benchmark Report is a treasure trove of statistics. 

First, some background. The Percolate platform powers over 600 brands, including some of the world’s top enterprise companies. Our clients are ambitious, high-powered marketers tackling the challenges of modern enterprise marketing head-on – in other words, not the kind of marketers content to sit back and rest on their laurels. 

One of our biggest requests from our client base has been regular benchmark reports, so that they can better understand how they stack up against their peers when it comes to using Percolate (and help identify areas where they might be able to grow).  To get there, we pored over data for nearly 50 companies using the Percolate platform, across 8 industry verticals, and measured how each company fit into five KPIs for marketing orchestration.

Some interesting data points emerged:

  • The average number of campaigns orchestrated each month was 49, but the actual number varied by industry from half to nearly twice as many as the average.
  • Across all verticals, companies orchestrated an average 1543 pieces of content per month.
  • Companies had an average of 43 teams collaborating in their Percolate environment, with certain verticals like Manufacturing and Financial Services as significant outliers.

We break down the five KPIs, how each vertical stacks up, and the conclusions we can draw from the data in our Q3 2019 Marketing Orchestration Benchmark Report. Download it for free and see what the “normal” is for your vertical – and how it ranks up against others.