You’ve probably heard a lot about APIs. You’ve seen APIs mentioned on feature lists for software, on tech tracks at conferences, in specifications for integrations. You know it’s a good thing to have. But do you know why?

If you’re well versed in what APIs actually do and how they benefit you as a marketer, good for you! Feel free to skip today’s blog and go treat yourself to a latte. But if, like many marketers, you find the subject a bit opaque, then you’ve come to the right place.  As it so happens, we just wrote a book to unpack this very subject.

For the record, APIs are a way for two servers to communicate with each other. But the important thing about APIs isn’t so much what they do – it’s what they do for you. 

At some point in the last few years, making good use of data went from being an advantage for marketing teams to being a requirement. Prospects now expect the marketing they receive to be personalized to them, and increasingly aggressive timelines and revenue targets don’t leave marketers much margin for error on execution and effectiveness. 

Keeping your data siloed in separate applications gets less and less viable every month. APIs are what allow you to break those siloes, and connect the various pieces of your marketing tech stack. The benefits can have a material impact on your business goals:

You save money, because you can work more efficiently with all the data you need available when and where you need it.

You make better decisions, because you’ve got more visibility into your activities and results, and you can see the whole picture across channels and tools.

You increase ROI, because you can better see what your tech investments are actually doing for you, and make targeted changes to optimize your returns.

All the ways you might put this into practice would make for a very long blog – which is why we wrote a free ebook instead. The Business Benefits of APIs in Martech explains the how and the why of APIs for your marketing tech stack, along with examples of some of the most common real-life API applications. 

Download it free here, and don’t hesitate to reach out for answers on how you could be using APIs in your martech strategy. We’re here to help.