Deciding to pursue an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy is easy. Actually producing all that specifically-tailored, highly targeted content? Well, that’s not so easy, especially since your new strategy probably didn’t come with a budget upgrade.

So how do you keep up with ABM content demands, without spending more than your team can afford on additional content resources? Think small.

Something like an ebook might feel like one big piece of content, but it’s made up of smaller pieces, like an introduction, a problem explanation, and actionable advice. These smaller pieces form the atomic units that make up written content, just like physical objects are made up of component atoms. This “atomic” approach is the key to creating a high volume of ABM-centric content without spending your entire budget on freelancers.

When you break a piece of content into its atomic parts, you’ll likely find that many of those parts can be easily reused for a similar piece targeted at a different company, vertical or job function. 

For example, say you’re creating a piece that will need to exist in multiple versions to target multiple verticals. You can probably reuse parts like the problem statement and solution, with slightly customized language for each vertical. Better yet, you can put those problem and solution sections in a library of similar sections that your team can then come back to later, when they might be useful in a different piece of content.

Having libraries of atomic units on hand can help speed up creation of high-quality ABM content. Instead of starting from scratch each time, your content creator can find already-existing material from a different piece that fills the same need. With a few quick adjustments to language and examples, they can adapt the existing content to their target audience, and be that much closer to finishing their piece.

In our latest ebook, A Guide to Atomizing Content for Account-Based Marketing, we go into step-by-step detail on how to get your atomic system set up and started, including the prep work that will save you time down the road. Download the ebook here for free, and then get atomizing.