Back in the old days (back when a phone was a thing you used to make voice calls, back when watching TV shows on demand meant recording them on your VCR, back when a “gig” was something your musician cousin lined up), the limiting factor in marketing was how to get in front of your audience. There were a finite number of newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV ad slots, and all the other marketers were vying for them too.

Now, of course, channel opportunities have multiplied exponentially, and the world has flipped. The hard part isn’t reaching your target customers – it’s creating enough effective content to put in front of them. We call this the Content Bottleneck, and many companies have one. Do you find your organization struggling to deliver the right amount of the right content to the right people in order to meet your goals for moving prospects forward? You probably have one too.

Knowing you have a bottleneck is not the same as knowing how to fix it. The cause and nature of bottlenecks can vary – sometimes the problem is that you need more content, sometimes it’s that you need better content, sometimes it’s that your organization is out of alignment and what you do have isn’t getting used.

So how do you know which bottleneck is affecting you, and what do you do about it? As it turns out, we made a chart to help you do just that. Check it out to diagnose which bottleneck is affecting you and its likely root cause, plus some tips on how to approach the issue. Let us know how it turns out!

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