No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re in marketing, you’re probably under pressure to produce more content. Not just more content, of course, but more quality content.

Too bad that sometimes those two things seem fundamentally opposed. Scalability requires process, efficiency and a predictable outcome. But great content requires creativity, which isn’t what comes to mind when you say “process” and “efficiency.” If you’re scaling content production (particularly without scaling resources), quality has to suffer, right?

Not necessarily. Balancing scale and creativity can be done, but it requires re-thinking how you manage your creative process. There’s two parts to this: figuring out how much creativity each step of your production workflow actually needs, and then putting simple, universal rules in place to let your creative team do their best work. We wrote A Guide to Creative Process Management to explain how to do all of this, in more detail than would comfortably fit in a blog. You can download the book for free here. You’ll have your creative work scaling up in no time.