The marketing technology field has never been this crowded – or this complex. Every year brings a slew of new martech vendors into the market, expanding categories and inventing new ones. Even for a company in the martech space, keeping up can be exhausting. That’s exactly what prompted us to write our latest ebook: a B2B marketing tech stack guide.

We put together this guide to help marketing operations professionals examine the role of potential marketing stack tools, critically examine the martech stack they currently have, and move forward on building the right stack for their organizations needs. Inside you’ll find:

  • An overview of the different functional elements of a marketing tech stack, including subtypes and vendor examples
  • Several approaches for creating a B2B marketing tech stack diagram, each with a different purpose and perspective. Each diagram type includes an example and instructions on how to create one for your own martech stack.
  • Examples of common pitfalls with new martech deployments, and how to avoid them

The Field Guide to Marketing Tech Stacks is available for free: download it here. We hope you find it useful, and remember, we’re always here to help.