Delivering great marketing takes more than just great marketers. Perfecting the working relationship between marketing and creative is essential to producing campaigns that impact customers and the business. Without designers, producers, and photographers, our marketing ideas would remain just that – ideas. That’s why today we’re thrilled to announce Percolate Proof – the first online proofing module for Content Marketing Platforms.

Percolate Proof captures and optimizes the feedback and review process between marketers and their peers in creative services. This makes marketing production more efficient, marketing output more impactful, and marketing collaboration more seamless and delightful.

Communicate with more clarity than ever

There’s no doubt that marketing is getting more complex with each passing year, as marketers incorporate more types of experiences and content into their campaigns. Percolate Proof opens up a whole new range of file types that can be previewed, annotated, and approved by marketers, ensuring that they can deliver the richest, most engaging content to their audiences. Want to mark up a 3D model? No problem. Need to comment on a pinpoint detail on a single frame of a video? Done. Wonder what that animated banner ad will look like on 3G? Now you can find out.

Collaborate in the context of strategy

Percolate Proof puts proofing in the context of campaigns, content, and work. With a fully-fledged online proofing tool connected to the content and campaign framework in Percolate, everyone on your team – from your designers and copywriters to your integrated campaign managers and corporate comms reviewers – can understand the context in which an asset lives. Armed with knowledge about the campaign within which an asset belongs – the objectives, target audiences, related deliverables – you’ll spend less time on rework and more time adding the creative value that matters most.

Iterate on assets with ease

We know getting the look, feel, and message of your assets right is easier said than done. There’s nothing worse than requesting feedback from your team and getting dead air, or spending time chasing down updates from across the organization. Percolate Proof automates these critical workflows, and ensures that every stakeholder has a defined role. With automated reminders, intuitive checklists, and intelligent version comparison, passing work back and forth is simple and seamless.

We couldn’t be more excited offer these extended capabilities to our customers. If you’d like to learn more about how Percolate and Percolate Proof can unlock the potential of your marketing team, talk to a product expert today.