Today we’re announcing two major pieces of news, both of which support our mission to unlock the potential of marketers. The first is a new partnership with Domo – the leading cloud-based operating system for business. The second is that we will be joining forces with Domo to deliver an end-to-end marketing solution for our enterprise customers – from planning all the way to analysis.

Our new analytics product, Percolate Insights, will open up a new level of access to data, intelligence, and reporting about marketers’ work, successes, and opportunities.  We’re particularly excited about how our new solution will deliver value to marketers across all levels of the organization and provide new metrics to measure strategy and improve operational performance.

Making Executive Visibility Quantitative
For many marketing executives, sometimes the ‘simplest’ questions can be the toughest to answer. Many leaders struggle to understand at a glance what their teams are doing and how the department as a whole is tracking towards key objectives and results. Percolate Insights will provide new visibility into marketing strategy, execution, and results at the executive level, enabling marketing executives to quickly answer questions such as:

  • How are we tracking towards key objectives?
  • What campaigns are my teams running to influence these objectives?
  • Which strategies are performing best across teams, channels, and campaigns?

Empowering Marketing Operations
Marketing Operations is an emerging discipline at many global companies that will be critical to the future, long-term growth of traditional industries. But the majority of marketing process – all those upstream of distribution – are not tracked or reportable for most companies, leaving a plethora of insights about marketing performance and success on the table. Percolate Insights will unlock new data points in the marketing supply chain, and enable marketing ops to understand questions such as:

  • Where are the bottlenecks in our processes?
  • What is the total time-to-market on content?
  • Which marketers produce the highest-performing content?

Bringing ABM Upstream
For many B2B companies, account-based marketing is a key strategy for ensuring continued future growth. One of the biggest hurdles that many companies face in ABM success is producing and orchestrating content and campaigns – demand gen leaders don’t have data about the ‘upstream’ processes associated with ABM, making it difficult to optimize workstreams, increase capacity, and coordinate output. Percolate Insights will give demand generation teams new ways to measure and track their strategy and plans before they are executed, enabling insight into questions that commonly arise for enterprise demand gen managers:

  • How many of our campaigns are focused on ABM versus lead generation?
  • How much content are we producing for tier 1 accounts?
  • Which content types perform best by tier?

Data-driven Content Execution
For many businesses, ‘Content Marketing’ is their bread and butter – channels like email, blogs, and social touch every part of the marketing department and make all types of marketing possible. For content marketers, Percolate Insights will double down on the analytics capabilities already offered by Percolate, while opening up a whole new set of reporting capabilities around channel performance and content operations. These new measures will provide answers to critical questions like:

  • Which strategies are performing well with a particulate target audience?
  • Which topics are most engaging on a particular channel?
  • What were the highest performing tactics for this campaign last year?

To learn more about how Percolate Insights can help your company gain control over your tools, teams, and content, talk to a product expert today.