Hard as it may be to believe, we’re already nearly halfway through 2019. As we come into the start of the summer, what better time to celebrate some of the great marketing we’ve seen so far?

When it comes to creativity in marketing, 2019 has definitely started off with a bang. We’ve already seen several standout campaigns in content marketing across industries, with imagery that inspires us and stories that stick with us long after we’ve closed the screen. Here’s five of our favorites so far.

“Welcome What’s Next at Citi” by Citi Group

Screenshot a female worker on offshore wind turbines from Citi "Welcome What's Next" video

What we love about it: In their blog, CitiGroup says it best: “Citi Welcome What’s Next is an accurate portrayal of the firm we are today: forward-looking, optimistic and prepared, in a world full of change and new challenges.” We loved how this campaign connects their mission to their values of diversity and inclusion.

Highlights: In addition to the highly visible female roles in the video, the accompanying theme was composed by an all-female orchestra.

“With Love, Me” by Merck

Screenshot of a woman reading a letter from Merck "With Love, Me" video

What we love about it: This emotional campaign from Merck is an example of what technology can be at its finest: a way to connect people who might otherwise never meet, and a solution to problems that might otherwise seem insurmountable. Through a series of videos, cancer survivors read letter written to themselves, sharing what they wish they’d known when they first received their diagnosis.

Highlights: Ordinary people share deeply moving stories of courage, struggle and lives turned upside down – and offer hope and understanding to viewers who may be facing that same challenge themselves.

“Close the Gap” by Delta Airlines

Screenshot of a baby's face from Delta "Close the Gap" video

What we love about it: In this video ad spot, Delta Airlines show us the best that travel can be: a bridge between people of different cultures, countries, and backgrounds, that helps us realize how much more we’re all alike.

Highlights: The series of vignettes feature an inclusive series of parents and children, poignantly underscoring the universal human qualities of love and family.

“Moves Making Impact” by Bumble

Screenshot of a smiling woman using her phone from Bumble "Moves Making Impact" campaign

Why we love it: Already empowering women to make the first move in relationships, Bumble’s Moves Making Impact campaign extends that ethos to help women make a difference in their community. Members can select a cause (human rights, public policy, or economic development), and each time they message a new match Bumble will donate to the cause.

Highlights: Bumble’s donations go to female activists working towards each of their communities, further supporting the ability of women to make change.

Dream Crazier” by Nike

Screenshot of a female skateboarder from Nike "Dream Crazier" video

What we love about it: This video from Nike draws awareness to how female athletes are often dismissed or held to a double standard, and celebrates the achievements of women in sport who shrugged off being called “crazy” for their dreams.

Highlights: Tennis legend, entrepreneur and social activist Serena Williams narrates, lending credibility and gravitas to the message.

There’s been a number of standout marketing creative campaigns this year, and whittling the list down to just five was a tough job! 2019 might still be saving the best for last, but these efforts will be hard to top.