Creating a solid map of your customer’s journey is a fundamental part of customer experience (CX) marketing. Since one of the central tenets of CX is to orient your marketing around the buying process from the customer’s perspective, you quite literally can’t accomplish CX marketing without one.

Like most things in marketing, of course, building a buyer journey map is not as simple as just deciding it needs to be done. The buyer journey, and CX marketing as a whole, represents a different way of looking at the sales process than marketers commonly used in the past (and this can present a new set of execution issues that need to be addressed).

Once you do have a journey map, it’s just as important to know what to do with it afterward. It’s incredibly easy – and common – for a marketing team to put a lot of work into building a journey map, finish it….and then have a “now what” moment and toss it in a drawer forever.

That’s why you don’t just need a journey map; you also need an actionable strategy to go along with it. The strategy needs to be something that the people actually executing the campaigns and creating the content can use daily, to guide their decisions around what to produce and what to prioritize. Otherwise, it just ends up in the drawer along with the map.

If that still sounds too abstract to actually help you move forward, no worries. We put together a little something to help.

Introducing the new Customer Journey Starter Kit, designed to help you build (and use!) the buyer journey you need to succeed in CX marketing. The starter kit lays out a 4 step process for tackling your customer’s journey, with samples, practical advice for applying your journey stages to your marketing, and more.

You can download the Starter Kit free here. And as always, if you need more information, remember we’re here to help.