Each spring, Land O’Lakes’ Purina business unit puts on its annual Chick Days campaign, focused on reaching people who are new to raising chickens.

Chick Days is centered around offering education to new chick owners through both online and in-store resources – and convincing them to choose Purina’s premium chick feed. Historically, Land O’Lakes didn’t have a view across each marketing component from in-store, events, email, social and more. Without this view, it was challenging to plan campaigns holistically across the customer journey.

That changed, however, with Percolate. Land O’Lakes chose Percolate as their CMP to help increase brand consistency, improve visibility into campaign plans, and enable better coordination between brand and agency teams. As part of their best-of-breed martech stack, Land O’Lakes also uses Allocadia, a marketing performance management system, and Datorama, a marketing business intelligence platform. Both tools also integrated with Percolate: Allocadia into campaign planning workflows to track marketing spending and returns, Datorama via robust analytic data visualizations for campaign performance.

With these essential parts of their tech ecosystem in place, Land O’Lakes was able to kick the Chick(en) Days campaign off on the right foot and track every aspect of it in one place from start to finish.

The idea for the Chick(en) Days campaign came from analyzing historical performance. When looking at their previous activations, the Purina team discovered that their target customers weren’t only looking for resources about chicks, which was previously the assumption.

The people they were trying to reach were also looking for information and feed for adult hens, or mixed flocks of hens and ducks. By only focusing on chicks, they were failing to capture the full opportunity. In response, Purina relaunched the campaign as Chick(en) Days, with an emphasis not just on chicks but on ensuring a flock of healthy birds of all ages.

The campaign brought together both digital and offline elements and required a large variety of components, from in-store events to social promotions to retailer kits. All those components needed to offer a consistent experience, and drive toward the main goal of the campaign: prompting the customer to visit Purina’s Flock Strong landing page, where they could learn more about chicken care and use web tools to determine the right feed for their animals.

“Based on the numerous communication elements and corresponding budget complexities, this really proves out why it’s great to have integrated campaigns in Percolate,” explained Brittny Walker, Content Manager. “Now, with Integrated Campaigns, they all ladder up to the overarching main campaign with visibility and tracking.”

Despite the many moving pieces and budgetary complexity, Chick(en) Days got off to a smooth start. Since the budget information from Allocadia was automatically pulled into Percolate, Purina’s agency partners were able to move forward as soon as they received the brief. Once the campaign was live, the Purina team were able to track results in Datorama to confirm that the campaign was delivering on their goals.

Chick(en) Days was one of Purina’s most innovative campaigns of the year. It demonstrated key elements of their transformed strategy and way of working, including:

  • Setting purpose-driven goals with clear objectives at the start of the campaign
  • Automating measurement and tracking multiple KPIs in real time
  • Ensuring cross-functional alignment and visibility throughout the campaign lifecycle
  • Mapping communication tactics to a standardized Customer Decision Journey

Download the full case study here, and see how Land O’Lakes uses Percolate to:

  • Standardize ways of working across marketing
  • Save time and money through marketing integrations and automations
  • Provide visibility and transparency into marketing activities
  • Scale this success to over 600 users across 50 teams