Frameworks. They help us plan and prioritize.  They give us a visual roadmap for how messages and tactics fit together. More importantly, they create alignment for teams and organizations to execute against.  

Our founder, Noah Brier, knows a thing or two about frameworks. He has a deep appreciation and passion for both creating and implementing them, with an arsenal of over 150 in his bag of tricks.  At a recent workshop we did with customers, he shared some of his favorites and how they help frame not only his thinking but also as his philosophy on the subject:

“Facts are fine, but they don’t get us anywhere. To operate in the real world you’ve got to have a set of models you use to make decisions. While these are based in fact, they’re in a form that allows them to adapt their answers with new data.”

“Advice is a nice way to understand the difference between these two modalities. Advice is a kind of fact. Much of the time when we receive advice, whether in business or life, someone is telling us what they did in a similar experience. Sometimes they really listen and interpret, but often it’s just parroting back what happened to them. Far more valuable would be to understand what led them to make the decisions they made, the models, frameworks, and ‘worldly wisdom’ they brought to bear on the problem similar to the one you face.”

Noah’s approach to strategy and frameworks has inspired us internally, and we felt it was time to share his goodness with all of you.

Starting today, we are launching #FrameworkFriday, where we introduce some of Noah’s favorites in the hopes they spark new ideas or inspire you to create a framework of your own. Let us know what you find useful and share your thoughts as we go. We’d love to know how you are working with your teams.

Like what you’re seeing? You can always take a deeper dive into these frameworks on Noah’s personal website.