Meet Zari Venhaus, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Eaton.

Zari is a tech stack guru. We learned early in our relationship that Zari is not only a visionary, but also someone who understands how to unlock “bottlenecks” that affect their organization. There is no shortage of content at Eaton. Over 250 people are responsible for some level of marketing communication across 50 countries, with another 150 engaged in the content creation process. Eaton is a $20 billion dollar business with 150 products in 25 countries. To say that Zari had a formidable challenge on her hands would be an understatement.


Hear more about how she approached streamlining her tech stack to increase visibility and governance across teams to deliver the right content at the right time.

And, learn more about her thoughts on the future of marketing and what keeps her going during her busy days (it’s NOT coffee!)