Today, we are excited to announce the arrival of the industry’s very first retail calendar. This marks a big step in our effort to better support the transformation initiatives already underway at many retailers. While all marketers strive to deliver orchestrated, effective, and intelligent marketing on a global scale, we have found that retail marketers are experiencing these challenges particularly acutely and are eager to evolve.

Retail marketing organizations are more accountable than ever for driving revenue and business impact while battling with intense competition, high consumer demand, and continual pressure on margins. In order to deliver results, they must orchestrate a seamless customer experience across touch points and maximize marketing capacity by removing process bottlenecks.

Our enhanced calendar allows marketers to focus their talents on the most high-value aspects of these priorities, and (finally!) leave manually updating spreadsheets and hunting through email chains in the past. Read on to learn how our newest retail-specific features are marking this possible.

Customize Your Week Start Day

Not every team thinks about their work week as Monday to Friday. Retailers, in particular, run their entire organizations on a Sunday-Saturday calendar, as promotions and campaigns typically start on Sundays. This requirement has historically kept retail marketing teams in static calendaring tools like spreadsheets, which impede speed to market and limit omnichannel orchestration. Now in Percolate, teams can customize the day on which their calendar week starts, unlocking the potential of Content Marketing Platforms for retail organizations.

This long-awaited feature lets businesses visualize their work in the timeframe that is most helpful to their organization. For the first time, retailers will truly be able to plan their campaigns and content according to the way their business operates.

A True 4-5-4 Calendar

In one of our biggest functional improvements, we’re introducing a 4-5-4 calendar. For retailers, the 4-5-4 calendaring system is a common way to divide the year by fiscal weeks, enabling teams operate on a 53-week calendar, in which “months” alternate between having four or five weeks. This 4-5-4 calendar has many advantages for accounting and merchandising teams, as it standardizes sales over time and makes it easy to compare performance year-over-year.

Until now, there have been no software systems on the market purpose-built to streamline marketing work that support this retail-specific feature. For the first time, marketers can use our industry-leading calendar to plan and coordinate all their work — and ultimately create brilliant campaigns that deliver results.

The retail marketer’s mandate is increasingly global, cross-functional, and multi-channel. For many marketers, managing this complexity is the name of the game, and success rests on the ability to effectively govern process and output while fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. We believe that Percolate is the solution to the evolving challenges faced by retail marketers, and are committed to delivering on this vision in this and future product releases.

To learn more, register for our Retail webinar on December 4th to take a deep dive into the new retail calendar functionality. You can also visit our Success Center for more details on this release, or contact us at if you have any questions or feedback.