We’re excited to announce Percolate’s continued growth and expansion with our newest office officially opening today in Denver, Colorado. The office will be Percolate’s third location in the United States, joining a roster that includes co-headquarters in San Francisco and New York, as well as global presence with our London office. The new location will be largely dedicated to developing new, innovative capabilities by augmenting our engineering department.

So why Denver? As a company, we constantly want to attract the top talent and stay ahead of the curve in emerging markets. Denver is quickly emerging as the hub for tech workers, ranking as one of the best cities for tech talent based on the market’s depth, vitality and activeness.

Percolate’s new office resides within the WeWork in the Lo-Hi neighborhood, the fast-growing Lower Highlands area in Denver, attracting startups and well-established tech firms alike. It’s conveniently located near freeways and public transportation, including the Bcycle station. Percolate’s WeWork space is spread throughout two floors, with conference rooms and communal-use kitchens that are always stocked with the prerequisite cold brew and kombucha on tap.

For 2018, we have an aggressive plan to hire six engineers, including four backend and two frontend engineers to start. As we move into 2019, we’ll continue our expansion goal into the Denver office. The addition of engineers is absolutely vital to our company — because product is not just what we build, it’s the way we are. As the VP of Human Resources, I’m excited to keep growing our team and adding more people to our diverse and encouraging community and culture.

At Percolate, we’re committed to building our brand in emerging tech cities to reflect our mission of innovation to unlock the full potential of marketing departments. We’re a company fueled for productivity, speed and removing friction, and we must keep the spirit alive. We love the grind. We love the hustle. With more than 190 employees globally, we’re looking to keep our momentum going and hire the top tech talent across the best cities.

Want to join our growing team? Check out our open positions here: https://percolate.com/careers/