Throughout the year, we’ve hosted our customers across the globe. Our events, like Transition or our Content Marketing Forums, are a time for us to get their feedback on new ideas we are cooking up, or hear about the challenges our customers are facing in their organizations. These gatherings always leave us inspired and excited about the future and what we can co-create together.

These sessions leave our customers craving more interaction and cross pollination with their peers. Having the ability to share ideas and understand the marketing landscape through the eyes of others in the same position has proven to be valuable for them as they build high performing teams. To help enable an ongoing connection, we started PercUp.

PercUp is a monthly series where we showcase our amazing customers giving opinions on their current challenges as well as their hopes for the future. To launch, we are showcasing Jillian Davis, Director Marketing Technology at Pabst. With support of her boss, Matt Bruhn (GM) Jillian has transformed the way their brand tells stories in the marketplace, with technology as the underpinning for all their campaigns. She is a change agent within their organization and someone who is not afraid to innovate.

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