Today there are more devices than there are humans, dwarfing a marketing team’s ability to produce content from a volume, quality and coordination standpoint. This is the new bottleneck — and the rebirth of marketing operations is a step in the right direction when it comes to getting ahead of these challenges.

Did you know…

  1. 42% of CMOs intend to expand their marketing operations team in the near term.
  2. Appointing someone who sits between IT and marketing can result in a 15-25% improvement in marketing effectiveness.
  3. Marketing operations pros are known to proactively work to develop and evolve their understanding of the martech landscape.
  4. A dedicated marketing operations leader can bring deep tech-buying expertise to the procurement process.
  5. Marketing operations leaders are uniquely qualified to serve as the central project manager during implementation, aligning executive leadership with primary users and vendors.
  6. The marketing operations lead is critical for maintaining the integrity of the software after deployment, advocating for on-going adoption and managing relationships with vendors.
  7. Marketing operations leaders are equipped to manage the depreciation process, assessing which parts of the tech stack no longer make sense.

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