Today is the day – Percolate Next is here. Since our founding in 2011, our vision has been to build systems that unlock the potential of marketing organizations. Ever since, we have been continually evolving and improving the software we call Percolate. Today, I am proud to announce the largest product release in our company’s history, Percolate Next, is available for all our customers.

We firmly believe that Percolate Next sets a new standard for enterprise Content Marketing Platforms and will transform the way our customers plan and execute their marketing in 2018 and beyond.

Why Percolate Next?

Percolate was purpose-built to solve the most persistent and complex challenges faced by global marketing teams. In 2017, we realized we needed to make some major changes to deliver on that vision and up-level the capabilities of our platform.

We set out to rethink, redesign, and enhance our platform to optimize it for enterprises, and, specifically, the marketers, who struggle to deliver the right quantity and quality of content to meet the demands of marketing in the age of digital transformation.

Today, marketing operations require the same sophistication from their software as their counterparts in sales operations, finance, and HR. Percolate Next delivers organization modeling and permissioning capabilities that can adapt to the biggest companies in the world at the rate of change of the modern marketing organization.

We also needed to deliver on a host of new and enhanced features to enable teams to optimize their marketing supply chain like never before. The features in Percolate Next provide greater visibility into strategy, collaboration across tactics, and new operational measures that together bring content to life on brand, on time, and at scale.

Last July, we announced that Percolate would enable marketers to manage the “work” of their daily content and campaign planning. Percolate Next is the culmination of over a year of working with our customers to deliver on that vision. With Workflow Boards, Production Schedules, and Campaign Workflows, you can now manage content marketing from ideation to delivery and every stage in between right in Percolate.

To add to this, we wanted to take this opportunity to rethink the Percolate user experience. After six years of development, the interface needed an overhaul to match the advanced functionality now available across the platform. That’s why Next has a new user interface – re-thought and re-built from the ground up.  

With over 20 new features, a redesigned user interface, and a new architecture for organizational modeling, we couldn’t be more excited to bring these updates to our customers. Let’s take a look at what comes with Percolate Next:

20+ New Features

Percolate has long been a central tool in the upstream tech stack of 600+ brands, but the new functionality in Percolate Next allows marketing organizations to operationalize their end-to-end processes and manage the lifecycle of content from request to delivery.

Enhancements include:

  • Content Production Workflows: To track content status throughout its lifecycle.
  • Campaign Management Workflows: To map the in-flight and production phases of any initiative.
  • Integrated Campaigns: To represent complex campaign hierarchies across regions, phases, and channels.
  • Intake Forms: To manage, triage, and allocate unplanned projects requested by non-marketing stakeholders.
  • And many more!

Percolate Next

Percolate Teams

For Percolate Next, we have re-architected our product to enable the flexible sharing and permissioning functionality essential for global enterprises. Percolate Next allows marketers to mirror their organization’s structure within the platform and easily share and permission content, assets, and campaigns across functional and regional teams. This unlocks some cool new uses, including:

  • Representing matrixed hierarchies: Ensure each team member has access to information for all their departmental, team, and project affiliations.  
  • Adapting to org structure shifts: Create, edit, and deprecate teams in the admin interface, allowing the system to always be up-to-date with the latest reorg.
  • Collaborating on confidential projects: With permissioning across objects, you can collaborate on confidential projects, looping in critical stakeholders and sharing internally, when you’re ready.

Percolate Next User Interface

While our platform is built to solve enterprise challenges, it has also been designed for an enjoyable software experience. Percolate Next includes a redesigned and rebuilt UI that that is faster, more consistent, and more intuitive than ever.

In redesigning our User Interface, we built out an all-new Design System that creates a consistent experience across the entire application. Developed in partnership with 30+ enterprise customers, this makes Percolate the only Content Marketing Platform purpose-built to help contributors, management, and executives alike navigate high-complexity and high-volume initiatives across the enterprise.

The new interface feels faster than ever, with the information and content you need most easily accessible through our Global Search functionality and modal windows, which show your content in context. And, Percolate has been optimized for live presentations with full screen views that make it an ideal tool for planning and project meetings.

Percolate Next

How to upgrade to Next

Percolate Next is available for all current Percolate customers starting today. We are allowing customers to schedule their upgrade date to help with change management, encourage investments in configuration optimizations, and enable every customer get the most out of the new features. Please speak with your Percolate Account Manager to schedule your upgrade.

Not on Percolate yet? See more of how Next can systemize your marketing operations, eliminate your content bottlenecks, and unlock capacity in your organization by taking a tour of the product or requesting a demo today.

A company effort

With such a big release, bringing Percolate Next to life has been an all-company effort from the designers who took on a monumental job of redesigning the UI, the engineers who delivered the user experience and reworked the internal platform, and the product managers who crafted all the new features.

A special thanks to our Education team who put together new training courses and Tracey Carter who rewrote all the documentation in our Success Center. Additionally, our Services team, who developed a host of new resources and methodologies to enable all our customers to be successful with the new release. And finally the marketing team who have launched a new website, video, and acres of marketing material.

You are all heroes, and you have shipped something special today.