Last month at Transition SF, we announced the release of Percolate Next – the next generation of our industry-leading Content Marketing Platform. Designed and developed in collaboration with over 30 of our enterprise customers, Percolate Next represents a complete transformation of marketer’s ability to plan and operationalize their content and understand their impact.  

In advance of these exciting changes, we’re offering a day of hands-on training and networking for administrators and power users at Learn @ Transition, which will take place on Wednesday, 13 June in London – the day before our Transition conference.

Percolate’s Education Services team has designed a special program specifically addressing the features of the Next release and the themes of Transition London. Called Workshop Next, attendees of this event will be among the first to see and use Percolate Next, including new features such as Workflow Boards, Intake Requests, Integrated Campaigns, and Advanced Analytics.

During nearly five hours of training, our product experts will walk attendees through example use cases, while sharing best practices to help teams take full advantage of the new functionality. Agenda highlights include:    

  • Meet the next generation Content Marketing Platform (CMP): Explore the new UI and the features that support content production and increased productivity and efficiency
  • Avoid content bottlenecks: Examine where bottlenecks may be occuring in your organization, and learn actionable methods of unblocking them within Percolate
  • Manage complex planning: Use Intake Requests, Integrated Campaigns, and Saved Calendar Views to plan and manage global, cross-channel campaigns
  • Prove marketing value: Answer complex operational questions using new reporting metrics and Advanced Analytics capabilities

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the new UI and use the features available with Percolate Next
  • Represent your organizational structure in Percolate teams for seamless content sharing and collaboration
  • Apply the new CMP workflows to your existing processes to improve efficiency
  • Adopt best practices to unlock content bottlenecks to maximize your team’s potential
  • Start planning your organization’s transition to Next so everyone on your team can take advantage of the new capabilities  

Space is limited, so register now via the Success Center to reserve your seat at Learn @ Transition. If you have any questions about the training, contact