On April 19, marketers from some of the world’s largest brands gathered at Fort Mason in San Francisco to discuss emerging strategies for excelling in an evolving marketing landscape. The theme of the day was “Where Marketing is Going Next,” and the presentations revolved around how brands and thought leaders see our industry evolving.

Here are six of the most compelling moments – including the unveiling of our latest product release – that made Transition SF 2018 one to remember:

  1. Noah Brier shed light on marketing’s bottlenecks
    Percolate co-founder and CTO Noah Brier provided a brief history of marketing bottlenecks – from the inception of consumerism to the advent of digital advertising – and explained why content production has emerged as the bottleneck that marketer’s need to solve in 2018.
  2. Matt Bruhn discussed the importance of telling compelling stories
    CMO of Pabst Brewing Company Matt Bruhn discussed his career path and the ongoing transformation that he’s leading at the heritage beer brand. Central to his strategy is the need to build and tell compelling brand stories through effective content. In his words, “the art of storytelling is coming back in a big way.”

    matt bruhn transition SF

  3. John Battelle discussed the past, present, and future of content on the internet
    CEO of NewCo John Battelle took the stage with Percolate co-founder James Gross to discuss how the continual evolution of the internet is shaping the way brands engage with their audience and tell their stories. In particular, he observed the shift from longform blogging as the primary form of branded content in the early 2000s to today’s social and display ad-focused world. He predicted that podcasting is an emerging channel with the potential to fill consumers’ desire for long-form stories.
  4. Kristine Steuart unveiled the future of MRM for the enterprise
    Allocadia CEO Kristine Steuart presented on the emerging challenge of connecting the planning and measurement of people, resources, and content across strategy and tactics for enterprise organizations. She then revealed a new partnership between Percolate and Allocadia designed to combat this very challenge. By integrating an industry-leading Content Marketing Platform with best-in-breed Marketing Performance Management software, marketers can capture deeper insights into their content’s performance and impact.


  5. Diane Tasaka delved into why monopolies can’t ignore brand
    Utilities companies are associated more with paying bills than crafting great content, and with a monopoly in their market, they often have little incentive creating competitive marketing. But Diane Tasaka of Southern California Edison is changing all that. Responding to the evolving clean energy landscape and prevalence two-way grid systems, SCE is winning the hearts and minds of the public and setting their business up for future success. Diane presented on SCE’s omnichannel strategy, which is leading an inside-out transformation of this innovative utility brand.

    diane tasaka SCE transition SF

  6. We launched the next generation of Content Marketing Platform
    Our Content Marketing Platform is already helping +600 enterprise brands transform their marketing operations. Percolate Next is the next generation of our CMP – built to tackle the most pressing marketing operations challenges facing brands today.  On stage, our Chief Product Officer Stuart Eccles and Senior Product Manager Melissa Adams showed how we partnered with +30 current customers to develop a cutting-edge solution for managing campaigns and content at scale. With over 20 new features and an enhanced user interface, Percolate Next is uniquely designed to alleviate content production bottlenecks at global marketing organizations.

Missed the insights at Transition SF? Join us in London on June 14 and New York City on September 20 to continue the discussion on the future of content and hear from other global brands on how they are taking their marketing operations to the next level.