In recent years, content marketing has undergone a categorical shift — from a subdiscipline focused on engagement to a critical driver of marketing impact. As marketing organizations begin to hone in on this impact, leadership’s focus is increasingly directed at marketing operations and establishing operational rigor akin that of enterprise HR, finance, and sales. This week, we’re proud to announce a new partnership with leading Marketing Performance Management platform Allocadia. Together, we’re providing unprecedented alignment between marketing process and performance at the world’s largest enterprises.

As the foundation of the marketing tech stack, Content Marketing Platforms already provide a system for planning and measuring marketing’s strategy and operations. The joint solution of our analyst-recognized Content Marketing Platform and Allocadia’s Marketing Performance Management platform fuses upstream marketing process management with strategic planning, budgeting and ROI measurement, enabling marketing leaders to continually monitor, project, and optimize marketing’s contribution to revenue and other business goals.

“Long-term marketing success is achieved by better understanding the effectiveness of key initiatives, which can only be accomplished by tracking ROI,” said our CEO Randy Wootton. “Our partnership with Allocadia not only helps CMOs and marketing teams gain a view into future activities and their projected impact, but also enables them to link their budgets with their content orchestration. This helps quantify results while driving business value. That’s a huge shift away from today’s backward-facing reports and campaign summaries.”

To learn more about how Percolate can help your brand drive and measure marketing ROI, request to speak to a product expert today.