“In some ways, advertising isn’t working anymore,” says Randy Wootton, CEO of Percolate in an interview with Jeff Frick from theCUBE. “People aren’t paying attention to display ads – they aren’t clicking. The challenge for marketers is how do you get the right content to the right person at the right time in their purchase journey?”


Today, not only are marketers required to craft an authentic voice that conveys their brand identity and resonates with customers and clients, but they are also beginning to co-develop their approach with their customers. Brand building is now a two-way street, and every brand’s marketing strategy needs to be informed by three critical components of their audience:

  1. Identity –  marketers need to understand who the customer is and what they care about.
  2. Context – marketers need information regarding where the customer is in the moment and what touchpoint they are interacting with.
  3. Content – marketers need the right content or creative to make an impact in that moment.

“I fundamentally think that the marketing funnel is broken – it’s not that you jump in at the top, go all the way to the bottom, and buy. You have this ‘web touch’ of experiences,” explains Randy. Brands need to understand who the consumer is, what the context is in which they are engaging with them, and what the appropriate content is for that moment.

By analyzing these three elements of the customer’s experience, marketers can begin to understand the ways in which consumers are open to different types of advertising at different moments. For example, a father sitting on his couch watching TV with his children is open to different sorts advertising than when that same father is commuting to work reading the newspaper.

The question is which moments are the valuable ones for a particular brand? And more critically, when you begin to think about your strategy in terms of ‘moments’ rather than just personas or channels, how do you create enough content to deliver on moment-level personalization?

“That is what brands are really coming to terms with – how do we create enough content so that we can deliver a compelling experience for each person?” – Randy Wootton

To keep up with this rising demand for personalized content, many brands have adopted a trial and error methodology for developing and executing impactful marketing. “You have a lot of people producing a lot of content, and they don’t know if it’s working,” observed Randy, drawing from his experiences working with global brands at Microsoft, Salesforce, and Percolate.

The answer may lie in operationalizing the strategic planning and tactical execution of marketing campaigns. That is – using software to track a structured, measurable strategy for a brand’s most critical moments. “We’re the only function left where you don’t have an automated system like a Salesforce for marketers or a ServiceNow for marketers, where a CMO has on their phone the system of record to oversee the campaigns,” says Randy. This approach echoes the predictions made by analyst firm Gartner earlier this year, which projected that by 2020 content – not data – would become marketing’s biggest bottleneck. The Content Marketing Platform category has arisen to address this challenge and help marketers drive impact with each piece of content at every moment.

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