While recent advances in technology have made marketing increasingly global – even the smallest companies can reach potential customers around the world – it has also caused consumers to expect content to be tailored to their lives and interests. Global brands often face a trade-off in their marketing between regionally produced content that reflects the lived experience of the local customer and centrally produced content that can be deployed at scale and reflects consistency in brand voice, feel, and values.

This was the challenge at L’OCCITANE en Provence – a global retailer of beauty and personal care products. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, L’OCCITANE has been providing consumers around the world high-quality, cosmetics, skincare, and bodycare since 1976. As one of the most admired and valuable beauty brands in the world, maintaining their global brand standards while fueling local growth was a challenge for their team. Today, they use Percolate as their central system for planning, collaboration, and execution of global content initiatives.

Percolate has helped the L’OCCITANE team centralize and visualize their social content marketing strategy. With Percolate’s Marketing Calendar, The global team now has better visibility into the initiatives taking place across their 38 regional teams and can preserve the quality and consistency of messaging being published to all of their channels.

“Percolate helps our regional teams plan their campaigns in accordance with the international recommendations – and they can share their successes between countries.” –Jeannette Gamero, Global marketing social media coordinator

Not only is this helping L’OCCITANE be more effective at their localization strategy, but also it’s helping them use their resources more wisely. Percolate has enabled the L’OCCITANE team to reduce their need for local agencies and rely primarily on their agency of record as the global source for asset creation. With a centralized Digital Asset Manager and globally shareable Campaign Briefs, L’OCCITANE has established a fool-proof workflow between their agency of record, their corporate team, and the local teams activating around the world.

To learn more about how Percolate is helping L’OCCITANE streamline their marketing and communications efforts globally, download our case study.