Marketers have witnessed a technological revolution. Over the last fifteen years, our ability to serve content directly to our audience has increased tremendously – and the number of platforms enabling us to target our messages, programmatically buy media, and automate distribution have changed the face of marketing forever.

But what about the way that marketers collaborate on, plan, and produce content? Despite the total transformation of how we distribute our content – and the way our customers experience it – most marketers still rely on spreadsheets, slide decks, and emails to manage their marketing. These tools offer little opportunity to improve “upstream” marketing operations, as they tend to be static, manual, and suffer from versioning errors.

What does a content marketing platform do?

This is where Content Marketing Platforms (CMPs) come in. CMPs are a software solution that enables marketing organizations to manage and centralize all of their upstream marketing processes from planning and briefing to collaboration and approvals.  Ultimately, Content Marketing Platforms help enterprise brands solve some of their most pressing coordination and governance challenges and glean tangible business impacts through gains in the efficiency of their processes, increases in the effectiveness of their content, and reduction of risks at the brand and legal levels.

In short, Content Marketing Platforms help marketers ensure that the content that gets targeted, served, and optimized in the distribution phase of their process is meaningful, engaging, on-brand, and compliant.

Download the Definitive Guide to Investing in a Content Marketing Platform to get:

  • A clear definition of what a Content Marketing Platform is according to both major analyst firms and market-leading vendors
  • A summary of the typical features of a best-in-class Content Marketing Platform
  • A discussion of how implementing a Content Marketing Platform can help your brand increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing operations
  • Examples of how FORTUNE 500 brands are using Percolate to drive customer experience excellence and omnichannel alignment

And if your company is looking to streamline their upstream marketing processes using cutting-edge software, talk to a Percolate expert today.