If there’s is one trend that was more apparent than ever in 2017, it’s how the fates of marketing and technology are more closely intertwined than ever before. The stories from our blog that resonated most with marketers last year truly reflected that. From understanding the vendor landscape of Content Marketing Platforms with Forrester to creating attention grabbing content with EA to building a tech stack for Marketing Resource Management, here are the seven stories that had marketers buzzing in 2017:

  1. What Most Brands Are Missing About the Future of Marketing
    Percolate Co-Founder and CEO Noah Brier reveals what many brands are missing about the future of marketing and proposes a new model for understanding how our industry is evolving. From culture and technology to innovation and consumer behavior, Noah shows why marketers should stop trying to predict the future and instead build organizations that can thrive in whatever future ends up happening.

  2. How EA is Building Content for Our Shrinking Attention Spans
    When it take 30 hours to create just 3 seconds of your brand’s content, every step and tool in your process counts. At Transition SF, EA’s Senior Director of PMO Vikram Singh discussed the video game company’s content strategy and how his team is using technology to get ahead of the skyrocketing demand for content.

  3. The System Content Marketing Needs
    2017 was big year for our product and marketing technology in general. In addition to releasing a host of new features that are changing the game for content marketers at enterprise brands, we were honored to be named the leader in Forrester’s CMP Wave Report for the second consecutive year.

  4. Building Brands: A Conversation with Molly Young at Warby Parker
    Our creative director, Sofia Hoflin, sat down with Molly Young the Director of Copy at Warby Parker. Read their discussion on building a career in marketing and a brand identity in a competitive industry.

  5. Use Gartner’s “Marketing Resource Management 2.0” to Complete Your Marketing Stack
    Marketers know that the tools we use can make or break the execution of our strategy. Our Director of Product Strategy, Craig Breslawski, shows how a recent report from Gartner can help marketers better understand the tech stack they will need to build to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

  6. Before You Buy More Ad Tech, Read This
    Marketers are constantly chasing new paths to increased ROI on their content, and investing in technology – particularly ad targeting solutions – is a common strategy. But is this the right move for your brand? Our Director of Sales, Brian Ivanovick, breaks down three common assumptions that cause marketers to overinvest in advertising technology.

  7. 6 Cheat Sheets Every Content Marketer Should Have
    Today, pretty much all marketing is content marketing, so the quality of your content ultimately determines the success of your brand. As the importance of content grows, what are the tools that marketers need in order to produce more strategic and engaging content? We provide six essential resources to help marketers plan and structure their content strategies from ideation to execution.

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