As we’ve written before, we like to count in days at Percolate. It has helped us keep perspective on just how young the company is – while also helping to remind people that their daily contribution has a meaningful impact on the business. Today is Day 2,581 of the company – but in many ways, we’ve found it helpful to take a Day 1 mentality as we enter 2018.  

At the start of each year, we take time to write out things we did well and not so well.  At the start of 2017, our focus was on leadership – and over the last 12 months we’ve added a roster of impressive individuals to our executive team and have continued to build an incredible layer of distributed leadership from within the company.  

As we started to think about the coming year, it was clear we needed some help to take our company to the next level. And without burying the lede too much, we’re excited to announce that we have hired Randy Wootton as our new CEO to help lead Percolate to our next stage of growth.

When we started this process, we wrote down a list of attributes that we were looking for in a new CEO:

  • Strong operationally: This was top of the list for us. We were looking for an experienced software executive who could own the operations of the company, understands the challenges our enterprise customers face, and can help us solve the unforeseen issues we need to solve as we grow.
  • A leader:  When we looked around the table at the executives we have brought in, one thing is clear — they’re all leaders. They possess the skills to stand in front of their teams and the company and inspire them. When meeting any candidate, it was critical to imagine them in this same capacity, standing at the front of the room during an all hands presentation.
  • Someone who embodied Percolate’s values: We believe the only way to scale out Percolate is to distribute decision making out to the edges, and have created a series of values as a guide to our company’s culture. We needed someone that exemplified the kind of thoughtfulness, empathy, determination, and curiosity that we expect from each of our employees.  

Randy was the clear leader in each of these categories, and brings an amazing amount of experience from his time at Microsoft, Salesforce, and, most recently, as CEO of Rocket Fuel. I’m incredibly excited for him to come on board and believe that this will help us ensure that we can deliver on our plans for 2018.

As a result of this change, our customers should expect to see a lot more of us as we both continue our journey with Percolate. More specifically, this move allows us to focus on our strengths – James will continue to help drive sales by spending a lot of time in the field and with customers, and Noah will be moving to a CTO role to split time between sales, customers, and product.

Just over seven years ago we decided we wanted to start a company that could change the way brands went to market. We saw an opportunity to build software that could help manage upstream marketing processes and the years that followed have been an incredible journey with huge milestones along the way.

Bringing Randy on board is another milestone that should help us better reach our goals as a company. We want to build to redefine marketing through technology and are building the Content Marketing Platform for the enterprise. If you’re a marketer and that sounds intriguing, you should get in touch. If you’re working for someone else and you’d rather work for Percolate, we’re hiring all over the world.