“We started with an excel sheet two years ago, and now we’re using Percolate for almost everything we do,” declares Julieta Verrier, Director of Corporate Marketing and Brand Management at Stanley Black & Decker at our London Transition conference last October. Speaking alongside marketing executives from Dimension Data and BP, Julieta presented on the strategic pillars that guide her team’s vision for creating and distributing marketing content relevant their audiences and brands.

Following the success of their 2016 partnership with EXTREME – the international action sports brand. Julieta’s team was tasked with creating, digitizing, and distributing content across the global organization to continue to develop the Dewalt, Black + Decker, and Stanley brands with consumers in the action sports category. Read on to learn how Julieta and her team delivered engaging content that is winning them customers globally and locally.

1. Make brand growth collaborative

With over 40 brands and operations in 170+ countries, Stanley Black & Decker is a complex, diverse company that sells a lot more than the drills they are famous for. But in such a large organization, it was challenging for the global marketing team to ensure that local teams followed their directives and used the assets they produced. With dozens of brands to manage and create content for, utilizing Percolate was instrumental to streamlining communication and asset creation across the organization, allowing teams to discover and use great content already being produced around the world.  

 “A year ago sponsorship assets were not used because it was complex for the local markets to get access because it had so many approvals. It didn’t work, even though we were sitting on a goldmine.” –Julieta Verrier

2. Tell stories locally and globally

Dewalt, a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker is well known to construction and manufacturing enthusiasts over the age of 35, but less so to individuals in their twenties and early thirties. Sensing an opportunity to reach new audiences, Julieta’s team discovered that action sports athletes often use tools to configure and maintain their equipment and precision-built structures like skate ramps and half pipes to keep up with pro standards.

With action sports’ popularity on the rise with millennials, the EXTREME partnership aimed to grow relevance for next generation of Stanley Black & Decker customers. But finding the right balance between corporate and local marketing was essential to connecting with this audience. Julieta’s team had to ensure that global teams knew what content was available to them and how they could use each piece of content to effectively tell local story that was still on-brand. Percolate’s Digital Asset Manager was crucial in helping with this brand governance. Communication could be centralized and transparent for sponsors, creators and internal stakeholders alike, striking the right balance between corporate and local.

3. Have a distribution plan

Producing great content is important. But without a distribution plan to get that content to local teams, it’s difficult to get engaging, authentic content into the hands of fans and buyers. And if global-to-local distribution isn’t part of the strategy from the get-go, one will actually see the final product of your marketing. Through Percolate, with a touch of a button, Julieta and her team can send content to their teams worldwide with details on where and how to post to their digital channels.

In the end, great content is all about creating meaningful experiences and emotions for your audience. Wrapping her up talk, Julieta borrowed the Maya Angelou quote to express this: “people may forget what you tell them but they always remember how you make them feel.”