At Percolate, one of our core themes is visibility – visibility across teams, campaigns, regions, brands, and projects. By breaking down silos and streamlining workflows, our platform not only makes it possible, but makes it simple to see across your entire marketing organization. This quarter, we’re proud to announce the availability of many new innovations that continue to deliver on this value.

Visibility – Operational Analytics

Operational Reporting – Now on Assets

One of the most notable ways of gaining marketing visibility in Percolate is through our Analytics offering. Our robust Operational Reporting capabilities in particular allow you to see under the hood of your marketing organization. We’re excited to announce that our Operational Reporting functionality expands even further in this release with the addition of Assets data. Now you can answer questions like:

  • “How many videos were produced for a specific audience?”
  • “What new presentations are available to drive consideration in a customer lifecycle?”
  • “How many assets were produced for a specific holiday theme?”

For any of these questions, you can drill through to identify which assets are available in your library and can be repurposed for other campaigns.  

Facebook Reactions

Percolate also made improvements to its social analytics, allowing you to understand Facebook reactions, Like, Love, Haha, Sorry, Wow, Anger. Now you can answer explore the sentiments of the content published on Facebook by answering questions like, “what Facebook content did people love the most in Brazil that we could repurpose in Portugal?” or “which of my Facebook content generated the most controversy that we should avoid republishing elsewhere?”

Placeholder Creative Brings Early-Stage Planning to Percolate

Percolate has always been the best place to manage your content marketing planning, but now we’ve enabled a whole new piece of the planning process in Percolate. Now you can manage early-stage planning in Percolate using Placeholder Creative until you know more about the content or creative you need. For example, if you need an email to go out on Black Friday but you’re unsure what the copy will be or what it will look like, you can add a placeholder until your plans are solidified We’ve also made it easier to start the planning stage right from the creative calendar – simply click on an open space in the calendar to start defining a new creative. With this new functionality, planning at any stage in Percolate has never been easier.


Current Percolate customers can visit the Success Center for an in-depth look at all of our new features, along with step-by-step guides on how to put them in action.

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