Marketing has long been a global discipline. But today, the pace of social and technological change gives every brand the benefits (and challenges) of global access and exposure. Since its inception, our flagship conference Transition has always focused on how broader change themes – culture, economics, and technology, to name a few – are transforming marketing. And with this year’s theme, “The Path to Digital Change,” our scope of focus remains as ambitious and global as ever. That’s why today, we’re proud to announce that we’re taking Transition to Europe for the first time with Transition London.

Earlier this year, we brought Transition to San Francisco, where we explored the critical role of planning and agile work in enabling effective digital change and omnichannel excellence. There, we heard directly from brands like Land O’Lakes, Cisco, and Electronic Arts about how technology is revolutionizing the way they plan and go to market. At Transition NYC, we’re continuing this conversation by putting the spotlight on thought leaders who have a unique perspective on digital disruption and what it means for brands. From Vice Chair Beth Comstock’s vision for the future of innovation at GE to CMO Kim Metcalf-Kupres’s plan for the evolving identity of Johnson Controls, Transition NYC is a true meeting of the minds for the brightest in our business.

For London, we’ll be building on the spirit and momentum of these two events and putting them in a truly global context – delving into how marketers at some of the most innovative companies across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia are transforming their organizations to prepare for the future. From insights on leading a global digital transformation with Ruth Rowan, CMO of Dimension Data, to learnings from a large-scale omnichannel planning initiative within BP from its Head of Digital Publishing, Ben Jefferies, Transition London is an opportunity to hear about the strategies moving some of the world’s largest companies forward and to connect personally with the marketers leading that charge.

Join us on October 26 at Blue Fin Venue on London’s iconic South Bank for an afternoon of insights on the present and future of digital change, including presentations on:

  • How marketers can use technology like Percolate to drive digital transformation
  • How marketing leaders can uproot traditional processes in favor of agile methods
  • The Mental Models that enable top CMOs to excel at their jobs
  • How brands can prepare (and plan) for an omnichannel future

We’d love to have you join us.

Current Percolate customers can also attend Learn@Transition – a morning of user-focused programming to help you and your team up-level your Percolate knowledge and make the most of the platform. Head over to the Success Center for details.