At Percolate we aim to make everything that marketers do as seamless and connected as possible. By breaking down silos and centralizing workflows, our platform makes it easy to produce high-performing marketing content on a global scale.

This quarter, we’re proud to announce the availability of several new innovations that truly deliver on this value. Our platform is the only tool that allows you to coordinate, govern, and manage all of your marketing in one place.

Current Percolate customers can head to the Success Center for an in-depth look at all of our new features along with step-by-step guides on how to put them into action.

A long-term calendar for long-term growth

It’s complex enough to effectively drive engagement today and plan strategy for the future–but many brands also struggle to connect the two processes and ensure that tactics align with priorities. Percolate’s calendaring system is purpose-built to solve this problem.

And, now with long-term calendar views, you can easily see and manage your on-going campaign strategy in a single place whether you’re a social media marketer planning for next week or a CMO envisioning your brand for next year. Plan ahead for the coming season or quarter and toggle between views with the click of a button–keeping everyone in your organization aligned on the present and the future of your brand.

Your strategy – mobilized

Brand building doesn’t stop when you’re not at your desk. That’s why our mobile app lets you take all your team’s plans and activities on the go. With the new mobile Marketing Calendar, you can view campaigns and creative in flexible calendar views–increasing visibility and reducing bottlenecks for your team at every step of their process. Now, no matter where you are in the world, a snapshot of everything happening across your marketing organization is in the palm of your hand.

Reporting made simple

Measuring and analyzing your team’s operations and your content’s performance is essential for every marketer–but the amount of data available can be daunting. Report Templates make it easy to start creating reporting dashboards in Percolate Analytics. Not only do templates help to simplify the report building process, they encourage your team to use industry best practices to guide their selection of metrics and KPIs. With a single click, you can now get answers to questions like:

  • Which Campaigns are live with incomplete tasks?
  • What is the volume of Creative produced this year compared to last year?
  • How is engagement trending compared to last year?

And, using Report Templates as your starting point, you can easily tweak and update your dashboards to suit your specific objectives.

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